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MetaQuotes has created the MetaTrader 4 platform for online trading in Forex, CFD and Futures markets. As you know, MetaTrader 4 can be downloaded for free from the Forex broker website. In MetaTrader 4, traders have access to tools and resources that they can analyze, track, manage, and use automated trading techniques. This tutorial introduces many of the features of MetaTrader 4, including chart settings, analysis tools, and transactions.

Download Metatrader 4

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MetaTrader 4, 5, Web, Mobile (Andorid, Ipad, iPhone)

MetaTrader 4, 5, Web, Mobile (Android, iPad, iPhone), Multi-terminal

MetaTrader 4, 5, Web, Mobile (Andorid, Ipad, iPhone)

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MetaTrader 4, 5, Web, Mobile (Andorid, Ipad, iPhone)

MetaTrader 4, Web, Mobile (Android, iPad, iPhone)

MetaTrader 4, 5, Moible (Android, iPad, iPhone), Multi-terminal

Navigation bar and main windows in MetaTrader

In MetaTrader 4, four window diagrams are opened by default, each showing different currency pairs. Most of the icons at the top of the screen are in the “Toolbars” section. Below the toolbar, on the left side of the screen, is the Market Watch window that offers a list of currency pairs plus sales prices. The bilingual tab is at the bottom of the market watch list, one called Symbols, which displays the list of currency pairs, and the other is called “Tick Charts”, which uses the current fluctuations of the price of each See the pairs of currencies.

The “Navigator” window is located under the market overview window. Here, traders can see their account (s), types of indicators, Expert Advisor, and Scripts.

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At the bottom of the screen, the Terminal section has six trading tabs, Account History, Alerts, Mailbox, Experts, and the Journal. Traders can click on any of the tabs and get familiar with the relevant tab information; for example, in the Open Trades brochures, trading lot, symbols, transaction price, loss limit, profit level, and final price / Disadvantages are visible. On the other hand, in the account history tab, all the activities performed by the account are included in the closed orders. In the image below, the various sections of the MetaTrader 4 screen are visible.

metatrader 4 window

Metatrader 4 Charts and settings

The price chart can be customized according to the trader’s taste in terms of style and color. Right-click on the color chart and choose the appearance of the chart by selecting the Properties option. In the “Color Scheme” drop down menu above the Colors tab, several colors appear by default. Traders can also specify colors for variables, background, foreground, grid, and color bars. Traders can use “common tabs” to select specific features such as volume to display on a chart. The following image shows an example of the Properties window.

metatrader 4 charts and settings

Metatrader 4 Templates

After selecting a color scheme, you can save it as a template. Name the new template to display the template dropdown list. Just by clicking on the “template” icon and selecting the template in the drop-down list, you can simply apply it to any graph.

Price bar

Traders can also choose how to display prices on each chart. On the selected chart, click on the icon to apply the bar, price data line or candlestick. Hiding the mouse pointer on an icon will display its name. This is very useful when learning the function of each icon. By clicking on the charts in the toolbar above you can select the type of chart you want from the drop down menu.


You can add a variety of technical analysis Forex indicators to the price chart. Just click on the “Add Indicators” icon in the toolbar above to view the list of available indexes and select the desired index. To access this menu, click on the “Insert” option in the toolbar and select “Indicators”. Many indicators, such as trends, oscillators, and volumes, can be found in the related headings. After selecting the index, the trader can change inputs (such as moving average length) or use default settings. After that, the index is displayed in the price chart.

metatrader 4 indicators


Perhaps a closer look at the price chart for traders. You can use the Zoom in and Zoom out icons on the toolbar to get different views. Traders can use a zoom feature to have a closer look at smaller datasets; successive clicks on the magnifying viewer provide a closer look at the graph. In contrast, the zipped icon is used to return to the main graph.

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By clicking on the “Periods” icon or by choosing from the toolbar, you can apply different time intervals on the chart, as shown in the figure below. M1 is a one-minute interval, M5 shows a five-minute interval, H1, one hour’s time interval, and so on. Many traders tend to observe a trading symbol over multiple periods. If the monitor’s space is such that simultaneous access to multiple charts is not a practical symbol, you can change the time intervals using these easily accessible icons.


Drawing tool

Traders can improve market analysis using a variety of drawing tools. In this way, they can plot objects such as vertical lines, horizontal lines, trend lines, channels, and Fibonacci Retracements. Drawing tools each have a separate icon in the toolbar. By clicking on the “Insert” option in the toolbar above, you will have access to additional drawing tools such as Gann Lines.

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Connection status

In the lower right corner of the screen there is an icon that shows the state of the platform connection to the Internet and informs you about receiving updated market information. Red ribbons indicate no connection. In contrast, the green bars indicate the connection and the adjacent number shows the connection speed.


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