Eurusd october 18th 2018 analysis

During yesterday’s trading, buyers backed the US dollar and pushed the EURUSD. EURUSD has fallen from $ 1.16 to a range of $ 1.15. Under $ 1.5, the key support is 1,1460 and the quarterly demand zone is 1,1423-1. 1394. The RSI is also indicative of the EURUSD’s entry into the saturation zone.
However, although the weekly demand zone kept its position at 1,1445-1.1312, there is still no sign of the presence of buyers in the market. On the daily chart, EURUSD is also involved with the bottom of the support zone of 1.51583-1.779. The failure of the daily support zone can bring EURUSD to the weekly demand zone at 1,1445-1.1312.

Price action strategy

Entering the EURUSD purchase deal from $ 1.15 can be risky. Although the Rand rate is $ 1.15, with Fibonacci support at 1.505, but long-term charts point to a weakening of EURUSD. Accordingly, if EURUSD falls below $ 1.5, it will receive $ 1,460 a quarterly support. However, entering a sales deal below $ 1.15 could be risky due to the day-to-day support. If you sign up for a EURUSD sale, you can buy EURUSD from the range of 1,1460 and 1,1445 after settling your profit and leaving the transaction.

Eurusd october 18th 2018 analysis

Eurusd october 18th 2018 analysis
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