Forex analysis for december 11th 2018

Gold Analysis: Yesterday, the quarterly supply was 1253.5-1248. 8 Standing up against buyers and with the widening growth of the US dollar in the Forex market we saw a fall in the price of ounces of gold in the world. As the chart fell below $ 1241.4, it halted just above $ 1239.8. It’s still not possible to say whether the ounce of gold will hit the quarter-area supply again, especially with a daily support of $ 1236.9 and a $ 1236.6 weekly support close to the price range. In addition, there is a 4-hour AB = CD model that is completed around day-to-day support. This suggests a false false false 4-point support in 1239. There are $ 8.

Price action strategy

If the gold price hits today’s support at $ 1236.99, you can expect an ounce goldback. Particularly, daily and weekly support is in the range of $ 1236. However, if the price of ounces of gold crosses the 4 h range, the next target will be a 1260 dollar weekly resistance. This move completes the pattern of AB = CD weekly near the 50% Fibonacci resistance ($ 1263.4).

Gold Analysis december 11th 2018

GBPUSD Analysis: Yesterday Britain’s pound fell in response to BREXIT news. GBPUSD traded yesterday US trading at over $ 1.25 a bar and recorded a new price floor for 2018. The collapse of the pound yesterday made $ 1.26 a reasonable range for the GBPUSD sales deal. From the point of view of support, other than the Rand rate of $ 1.25, the H1 quaternary 1 2445-1. 2403 can be troublesome for vendors.

From the long-term charts, the weekly demand area of ​​1.2814-1.2589 breaks down and the GBPUSD’s downside path is matched to a rebound of 2017 at 1.223. GBPUSD daily chart has crossed the support of 1. 2635 and turned it into resistance. The support line drawn up from the floor of 1904 has also been broken. The next support for the daily chart is 1. 2374.

Price action strategy

Since the underlying pound is not good and long-term charts point to a larger pound, it is better to look at the GBPUSD sales signal today at $ 1.26. However, it should be noted that Rand rates are prone to fake failures. If you sign up for a GBPUSD sale, consider the first-rate profit of $ 1.25 Rand.

GBPUSD Analysis december 11th 2018

EURUSD Analysis: After EURUSD jumped above the 14-hour resistance range of $ 1,144-1, $ 1,418, and trademark limitation orders, we saw a free fall of EURUSD. Yesterday, stop loss orders were set below $ 1.14. The failure of the $ 1.30 Rand rate has pushed new vendors into the market and hasten the EURUSD downtrend. The EURUSD’s four-hour chart ended the day at a high of $ 1,150 in December’s reopening. Although a bullish leap may be seen from this range, the best place to enter the bargain is between $ 1,131.1 and $ 1,300. This range is consistent with the November rebound rate of 13.114, the support line drawn from 1.1215, the Fibonacci retracement of 78.6% at 1304 and the Rand rate 1.13.

From the long-term charts, the weekly chart fell below the resistance level of 1.1465. This weekly resistance is consistent with the resistance line lines drawn from the peak of January 1, 2413. On the EURUSD daily chart, resistance is at 1.1455. The resistance since November has been preventing EURUSD growth. The daily resistance is consistent with weekly resistance and Fibonacci levels 61.8 and 38.2%. It should be noted that the pair fell just below the resistance of 38.2% Fibonacci.

Price action strategy

On average, the range of 1,1314-1. 1300 could strengthen EURUSD. But the positive reaction of the euro will be only a bullish jump. Daily and weekly resistances will prevent a bullish uptrend. It is recommended that you wait for a purchase signal before entering the EURUSD purchase deal. The first profit margin for the EURUSD is the December reopening rate at $ 1,150.

EURUSD Analysis december 11th 2018


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