Gold november 15th 2018 price action analysis

In a report on Wednesday, the Gold Opportunity Oz has been pointing out the opportunity to buy from the September reopening of $ 1,200. As you can see, the 4-ounce gold chart has hit $ 1,200 in sponsorship and climbs to $ 1209 (current support) resistance of $ 440.
While the definitive defeat of the four-hour resistance could be a good sign for buyers, it should also pay attention to a weekly resistance of $ 1214.4. On the daily chart of gold ounces, the next resistance at 1236.9 and the channel’s channel strength is set to peak at 1214.3 USD.

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Price action strategy

Given that the price structure of the weekly chart contrasts with the daily ounces of gold and the 4-hour chart is around $ 1209, it might be better if today did not enter into the new gold deal.

Gold november 15th 2018 price action analysis


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